Componets & Spare parts for drive technology

Safe through daily life.

Our systems and components guarantee sustainable solutions, even under difficult conditions. TECDOS systems are user friendly and can be combined flexibly.

RUD drive systems offer optimum solutions for diverse applications. Based on the round steel chain as traction mechanism we develop and manufacture a big variety of drive and transmission solutions for lifting process, telescoping and rotating applications.

Through our long lasting experience with round steel chain applications in diverse industries like coal, biomass, cement or maritime, all our components and round steel chain drives are perfectly synchronised with each other and provide reliable and long-lasting solutions.


enable vertical and horizontal drive with 180° chain wrapping


for drives with 90° redirection


less sensitive to dirt, sand, ice, etc. | for linear or rotating movements

Multiple chain strand systems

for highest-possible flexibility..

TECDOS round link chain

Premium (case hardened)

RUD chain..

perfect in combination with the OMEGA DRIVE or chain wheels

Pocket wheel

For drive units and redirection | case hardened

Milled chain guide

radially divided and for severe environmental conditions

Laser cut chain guide

radially divided and for severe environmental conditions

End fixing

axial adjustable

PowerPoint fixing point

connection for chain, hook and eye

Cobra fork head hook

With a With a triple coiled corrosion protected double leg spring

Foolproof high dynamic shackle

With integrated safety thread

Lift limiter

prevents the chain from “passing through”