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Ship Loader
Handle heavy objects safely and easily

The TOOL MOVER can be used anywhere in the plant, since it is not anchored to the floor and is very compact**. He can moved with a hoist (lifting points) or lift truck (fork insertion points). Since the TOOL MOVER table has a very low supporting surface, the open tool can be cleaned while on the table itself. The TOOL MOVER is equipped with PU* plates to protect the tool.

The TOOL MOVER can handle tools and objects weighing up to 64 tons. A siren to indicate that the table is operating is standard equipment.

With the 10-ton THS 10 TOOL MOVER, die casting and injection moulds as well as punching and pressing tools can be ergonomically, safely and quickly rotated. Being able to more easily handling lightweight and heavy-duty tools will protect your employees in industrial workplaces and prevent severe joint and spine damage.

• Injection moulding
• Automotive
• Tool design and construction
• Aluminium die-casting
• Punching / bending technology
• Containers
• Electrical appliances
• And much more