Battery Lifting Magnets

FBM - for flat material and for lifting heavy, thick blocks and sheets up to 5t

Battery Lifting magnets are location-independent and flexible as permanent lifting magnets and at the same time have the advantage of remote control capability and usability of a button. They are mainly used in applications where higher loads are handled continually, since they can be connected without any physical effort. Another common application is in poor accessibility of the contact point. All our battery lifting magnets are equipped with IR remote control and high-quality, over-discharge proof gel battery. FBM lifting magnets in accordance with the latest standards and have been designed according to the main criteria of safety and ease of use.

Many thoughtful details ensure maximum safety:

  • A Lifting eye sensor prevents turning off a floating magnet.
  • Two push buttons for the command "release"
  • Audible alarm and flashing light to indicate a too low charge level
  • The magnet may not be switched on at too low battery voltage
  • LED indicator to check the battery levels
  • Meets the latest national and international safety standards

FBM Battery-Lifting-Magnets

The FBM series is suitable for handling flat material. FBM 13, FBM 25, FBM 50 were specially designed for lifting heavy, thick blocks and sheets. To achieve the maximum holding force, at least 50mm thickness and a suitable surface are needed. FBM 36 was specifically designed for lifting sheets from 3mm thickness. With a clean and smooth surface this magnet holds at 3mm material thickness of a metal plate 2,4x1,8m and 25mm material thickness even a panel of 6x3m. The optional "accessory system typing" facilitates the removal of thin sheets from a stack.