FX Permanent Lifting Magnets

FX-R - suitable when you mostly have to lift round and/or hot Material

FX lifting magnets are the new innovative product in the ield of magnetic lifting technology. They work with a single- magnet system consisting of high-energy magnets half-shell, which can be fully activated in only 90° Switching travel, and works completely non-rebound and self-locking.

The massive, ball-bearing switch shaft with the half-shell structured magnet has no magnetic Losses due to internal short circuit and can be manufactured in one piece in the entire length without welds or tapered transitions, and without millings for Block magnets what makes them virtually indestructible.

The unique, patent-pending design with half-shell magnets and Reduction of the inner air gap in the magnet system ensure a considerably higher performance by using the same amount of magnetic material - which reduces costs and protects the environment.