ICE-Dumper truck suspension-ring

  • quick, robust and user friendly
  • quick attachment, without separate unlatching
  • simplified hinge and unhinge of the suspension ring by ergo-nomic designed locking latch
  • Locking latch with slide resistant shape
  • Protection rips to prevent the locking latch from damage and im-pact shocks
  • suitable for standardized dump truck studs acc. to DIN/EN 30720

Article number: 7901607

ICE-Dumper truck suspension-ring IMEG-10
AttributeweightValue1.60 kgValue3.53 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue5000 kgValue11000 lbs
AttributeTValue153 mmValue6"
AttributeAValue37 mmValue1-7/16"
AttributeBValue66 mmValue2-5/8"
AttributeCValue128 mmValue5"
AttributeDValue20 mmValue3/4"
AttributeEValue64 mmValue2-1/2"
AttributeFValue46 mmValue1-13/16"

Article number: 8504471

ICE-Dumper truck suspension-ring IMEG-13
AttributeweightValue2.17 kgValue4.78 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue8000 kgValue
AttributeTValue147 mmValue5-25/32"
AttributeAValue38 mmValue1-1/2"
AttributeBValue66 mmValue2-5/8"
AttributeCValue128 mmValue5"
AttributeDValue19 mmValue3/4"
AttributeEValue73 mmValue2-7/8"
AttributeFValue46 mmValue1-13/16"