ICE Balancer

ICE-Balancers will be installed into 4-leg sling assemblies (2x 2-leg), to achieve an equal load distribution to all 4 legs. The length tolerances of the single legs will be compensated.

You can calculate with 4 load bearing strands if the following criteria are fulfilled (BGR 500/DGUV Regel 100-500):

  • Two 2-leg slings, therof one sling with a balancer.
  • Both 2-leg slings will be attached to one hook (single or double crane hook)
  • Symmetrical load spreading
  • Max. inclination angle ß 45°

Other important RUD specific information and specialities to our ICE-Balancers can be found in the specific user instruction !

Article number: 7904367

ICE-Balancer IW-6
AttributeweightValue0.49 kgValue1.08 lbs
AttributeTValue46 mmValue1-13/16"
AttributeAValue110 mmValue4-11/32"
AttributeBValue15 mmValue19/32"
AttributeCValue14 mmValue9/16"
AttributeDValue21 mmValue13/16"

Article number: 7904370

ICE-Balancer IW-8
AttributeweightValue1.16 kgValue2.56 lbs
AttributeTValue59 mmValue2-15/16"
AttributeAValue150 mmValue5-7/8"
AttributeBValue20 mmValue3/4"
AttributeCValue18 mmValue23/32"
AttributeDValue26 mmValue7/8"

Article number: 7904372

ICE-Balancer IW-10
AttributeweightValue2.20 kgValue4.85 lbs
AttributeTValue76 mmValue3"
AttributeAValue180 mmValue7-1/16"
AttributeBValue25 mmValue63/64"
AttributeCValue23 mmValue29/32"
AttributeDValue32 mmValue1"

Article number: 7904375

ICE-Balancer IW-13
AttributeweightValue4.37 kgValue9.63 lbs
AttributeTValue91 mmValue3-9/16"
AttributeAValue240 mmValue9-1/2"
AttributeBValue30 mmValue1-3/16"
AttributeCValue28 mmValue1-1/8"
AttributeDValue38 mmValue1-1/2"

Article number: 7904255

ICE-Balancer IW-16
AttributeweightValue8.80 kgValue19.40 lbs
AttributeTValue120 mmValue4-3/4"
AttributeAValue300 mmValue11-13/16"
AttributeBValue35 mmValue1-3/8"
AttributeCValue32 mmValue1-1/4"
AttributeDValue41 mmValue1-5/8"