Safety set ISH

Consisting of a forged safety latch, a triple coiled corrosion protected double leg spring and a tensioning sleeve. Only whole sets can be supplied. Can easily be assembled and disassembled using a hammer and a drift punch.

Article number: 7987901

Securing set for ISH-4, VMH-4 and VCÖH 4
AttributeweightValue0.02 kgValue0.04 lbs
AttributeAValue36 mmValue1-27/64"
AttributeBValue17 mmValue43/64"

Article number: 7100300

Securing set for ISH 6
AttributeweightValue0.09 kgValue0.20 lbs
AttributeAValue60 mmValue2-3/8"
AttributeBValue26 mmValue1"

Article number: 7100301

Securing set for ISH 8
AttributeweightValue0.12 kgValue0.26 lbs
AttributeAValue66 mmValue2-5/8"
AttributeBValue33 mmValue1-5/16"

Article number: 7100302

Securing set for ISH 10
AttributeweightValue0.17 kgValue0.37 lbs
AttributeAValue77 mmValue3"-1/32"
AttributeBValue38 mmValue1-1/2"

Article number: 7100303

Securing set for ISH 13
AttributeweightValue0.33 kgValue0.73 lbs
AttributeAValue92 mmValue3-5/8"
AttributeBValue50 mmValue1-31/32"

Article number: 7900419

Securing set for ISH 16
AttributeweightValue0.38 kgValue0.84 lbs
AttributeAValue100 mmValue3-15/16"
AttributeBValue51 mmValue2"