ICE Spare part set for IVS

Spare parts set for the IVS and VVS

Consisting of :

  • 1 securing bolt
  • 2 tensioning sleeve

Article number: 7903886

Securing set for IVS-6 and VVS-6
AttributeweightValue0.01 kgValue0.02 lbs
AttributeAValue2,5 mmValue7/64"
AttributeBValue12 mmValue15/32"
AttributeDValue4,8 mmValue3/16"
AttributeLValue45,3 mmValue1-25/32"

Article number: 7903887

Securing set for IVS-8 and VVS-8
AttributeweightValue0.02 kgValue0.04 lbs
AttributeAValue2,5 mmValue7/64"
AttributeBValue16 mmValue5/8"
AttributeDValue6,6 mmValue17/64"
AttributeLValue59,5 mmValue2-11/32"

Article number: 7903888

Securing set for IVS-10 and VVS-10
AttributeweightValue0.03 kgValue0.07 lbs
AttributeAValue3 mmValue1/8"
AttributeBValue20 mmValue3/4"
AttributeDValue8,3 mmValue21/64"
AttributeLValue73 mmValue2-7/8"

Article number: 7903889

Securing set for IVS-13 and VVS-13
AttributeweightValue0.07 kgValue0.15 lbs
AttributeAValue3,5 mmValue11/32"
AttributeBValue26 mmValue1"
AttributeDValue11 mmValue7/16"
AttributeLValue93,5 mmValue3-11/16"

Article number: 7903890

Securing set for IVS-16 and VVS-16
AttributeweightValue0.11 kgValue0.24 lbs
AttributeAValue6 mmValue15/64"
AttributeBValue30 mmValue1-3/16"
AttributeDValue12,7 mmValue1/2"
AttributeLValue108 mmValue4-1/4"