VIP Isolating sling

VIP standard-isolating sling to be used when welding is carried out on suspended loads. Minimises the danger of current flowing through the assembly to the crane. With an intergrated VIP - fork head - Isolating plate which isolates up to a maximum of 1000 V. Max. operating temperature +80°C.

V-SIG consits of:

  • 1x VIP A-link
  • 1x 2 chain links
  • 1x VIP fork head shackle
  • 1x VIP fork head isolating plate
  • 1x 2 chain links
  • 1x VIP cobra hook

Article number: 7984258

AttributeweightValue1.40 kgValue3.1 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue1500 kgValue3300 lbs
AttributeTValue350 mmValue13-3/4"
AttributeAValue13 mmValue1/2"
AttributeBValue60 mmValue2-3/8"
AttributeCValue110 mmValue4-11/32"

Article number: 7984259

VIP-Isolatiing-Complete assembly V-SIG-8
AttributeweightValue2.40 kgValue5.3 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue2500 kgValue5500 lbs
AttributeTValue425 mmValue16-3/4"
AttributeAValue16 mmValue5/8"
AttributeBValue60 mmValue2-3/8"
AttributeCValue110 mmValue4-11/32"

Article number: 7984260

VIP-Isolatiing-Complete assembly V-SIG-10
AttributeweightValue4.02 kgValue9.5 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue4000 kgValue8800 lbs
AttributeTValue515 mmValue20-3/8"
AttributeAValue18 mmValue23/32"
AttributeBValue75 mmValue2-15/16"
AttributeCValue135 mmValue5-5/16"

Article number: 7984261

VIP-Isolatiing-Complete assembly V-SIG-13
AttributeweightValue8.20 kgValue18.0 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue6700 kgValue15000 lbs
AttributeTValue632 mmValue24-7/8"
AttributeAValue22 mmValue7/8"
AttributeBValue90 mmValue3-17/32"
AttributeCValue160 mmValue6-5/16"

Article number: 7984262

VIP-Isolatiing-Complete assembly V-SIG-16
AttributeweightValue13.10 kgValue28.8 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue10000 kgValue22000 lbs
AttributeTValue760 mmValue29-15/16"
AttributeAValue26 mmValue1"
AttributeBValue100 mmValue3-15/16"
AttributeCValue180 mmValue7-3/32"