VIP Overload control

The side of the VCG with the inscription of the Target dimensions " " should face the front. When fitting the VCG - cotrol link, it has to first of all be mounted on to the bracket of the coupling link then on to the third link of the VIP chain. Use only original RUD components. The assembly should be realised with a bypass connection.

Article number: 7987623

VIP-Control link VCG 6
AttributeweightValue0.06 kgValue0.13 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue1500 kgValue3300 lbs
AttributeTValue35.0 mmValue1-3/8"
AttributeAValue4.0 mmValue5/32"

Article number: 7987046

VIP-Control link VCG 8
AttributeweightValue0.1 kgValue0.22 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue2500 kgValue5500 lbs
AttributeTValue45.0 mmValue1-25/32"
AttributeAValue6.0 mmValue15/64"

Article number: 7987626

VIP-Control link VCG 10
AttributeweightValue0.23 kgValue0.5 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue4000 kgValue8800 lbs
AttributeTValue58.0 mmValue2-9/32"
AttributeAValue7.0 mmValue9/32"

Article number: 7988245

VIP-Control link VCG 13
AttributeweightValue0.43 kgValue0.95 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue6700 kgValue15000 lbs
AttributeTValue79.0 mmValue3-1/8"
AttributeAValue10.0 mmValue13/32"

Article number: 7989743

VIP-Control link VCG 16
AttributeweightValue0.75 kgValue1.65 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue10000 kgValue22000 lbs
AttributeTValue85.0 mmValue3-11/32"
AttributeAValue11.0 mmValue7/16"

Article number: 7992549

VIP-Control link VCG 20
AttributeweightValue1.1 kgValue2.4 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue16000 kgValue35300 lbs
AttributeTValue97.0 mmValue3-13/16"
AttributeAValue12.0 mmValue31/64"

Article number: 7992551

VIP-Control link VCG 22
AttributeweightValue1.9 kgValue4.2 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue20000 kgValue44000 lbs
AttributeTValue116.0 mmValue4-9/16"
AttributeAValue16.0 mmValue5/8