Edge protection RSK

RUD-RSK System Secutex made of hardwearing, robustedged Polyurethane. Flexible in all directions, can be slid along the chain by Hand. Diagonal cross-chain distributes the load evenly. Max. 2m available. Supplied in 1 and 2 m length only.

Article number: 56033

RUD-RSK 6 System Secutex
AttributeweightValue0.40 kgValue0.88 lbs
AttributeAValue27 mmValue1-1/16"
AttributeBValue27 mmValue1-1/16"
AttributeLValue2000 mmValue79"

Article number: 56037

RUD-RSK 8 System Secutex
AttributeweightValue0.70 kgValue1.54 lbs
AttributeAValue33 mmValue1-5/16"
AttributeBValue33 mmValue1-5/16"
AttributeLValue2000 mmValue79"

Article number: 55810

RUD-RSK 10 System Secutex
AttributeweightValue1.06 kgValue2.34 lbs
AttributeAValue38 mmValue1-1/2"
AttributeBValue38 mmValue1-1/2"
AttributeLValue2000 mmValue79"

Article number: 56038

RUD-RSK 13 System Secutex
AttributeweightValue1.60 kgValue3.53 lbs
AttributeAValue50 mmValue1-31/32"
AttributeBValue50 mmValue1-31/32"
AttributeLValue2000 mmValue79"

Article number: 7986440

RUD-RSK 16 System Secutex
AttributeweightValue3.00 kgValue6.61 lbs
AttributeAValue63 mmValue2-15/32"
AttributeBValue63 mmValue2-15/32"
AttributeLValue2000 mmValue79"