VIP-Round loop connecting link

Heavy load round sling connector to combine chains with round slings which can be used as an ideal supplement to MAXI-Vario strands. No WLL reduction of the round sling required. Simple and handy to install and disassemble. Conforms to EN 1677.

Article number: 7903511

VIP-Round loop connecting link RS-VVS-28/VIP
AttributeweightValue20.14 kgValue44.40 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue31500 kgValue69300 lbs
AttributeTValue245 mmValue9-21/32"
AttributeAValue69 mmValue2-23/32"
AttributeBValue160 mmValue6-13/32"
AttributeCValue100 mmValue3-15/16"
AttributeDValue47 mmValue1-7/8"
AttributeEValue33 mmValue1-5/16"