VIP Self locking hook

  • Optimized weight by innovative structure design
  • Anti-slip locking mechanism - no squeezing hazard
  • Wear distance ridges which protect the first chain link
  • Thickened tip of hook, patented wear marks and measuring points for checking the width of hook

Article number: 7900046

VIP-Self locking hook VAGH(S) 8
AttributeweightValue1.09 kgValue2.40 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue2500 kgValue5700 lbs
AttributeTValue121 mmValue4-3/4"
AttributeAValue40 mmValue1-9/16"
AttributeBValue30 mmValue1-3/16"
AttributeCValue27 mmValue1-1/16"
AttributeDValue28 mmValue1-1/8"
AttributeEValue97 mmValue3-13/16"
AttributeFValue44 mmValue1-3/4"

Article number: 7900047

VIP-Self locking hook VAGH(S) 10
AttributeweightValue1.51 kgValue3.33 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue4000 kgValue8800 lbs
AttributeTValue135 mmValue5-5/16"
AttributeAValue49 mmValue1-15/16"
AttributeBValue37 mmValue1-7/16"
AttributeCValue30 mmValue1-3/16"
AttributeDValue31 mmValue1-7/32"
AttributeEValue107 mmValue4-7/32"
AttributeFValue48 mmValue1-7/8"

Article number: 7900048

VIP-Self locking hook VAGH(S) 13
AttributeweightValue2.90 kgValue6.39 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue6700 kgValue15000 lbs
AttributeTValue169 mmValue6-21/32"
AttributeAValue61 mmValue2-13/32"
AttributeBValue48 mmValue1-7/8"
AttributeCValue36 mmValue1-27/64"
AttributeDValue40 mmValue1-9/16"
AttributeEValue133 mmValue5-15/64"
AttributeFValue61 mmValue2-13/32"