VIP-Cobra Eye sling hook

The Cobra hook with a ring connection and of course all the advantages of a RUD - clevis hook.

The Cobra hook with a ring connection and of course all the advantages of a RUD - clevis hook.

  • A very robust design and without a protruding tip of the hook.
  • The forged safety latch engaged in the tip of the hook, and is thus protected against lateral bending.
  • With a triple coiled corrosion protected double leg spring.
  • Thickened tip of the hook prevents improper use.
  • Gauge marks for measuring the width of the hook opening .

Article number: 8502323

VIP-COBRA-Eye sling hook VCÖH-4
AttributeweightValue0.15 kgValue0.33 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue630 kgValue1389 lbs
AttributeTValue75 mmValue2-15/16"
AttributeAValue18 mmValue23/32"
AttributeBValue18 mmValue23/32"
AttributeCValue12 mmValue15/32"
AttributeDValue13 mmValue1/2"
AttributeEValue14 mmValue9/16"
AttributeFValue18 mmValue23/32"
AttributeGValue52 mmValue2-1/16"
AttributeHValue8 mmValue5/16"

Article number: 8502203

VIP-COBRA-Eye sling hook VCÖH 6
AttributeweightValue0.38 kgValue0.84 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue1500 kgValue3300 lbs
AttributeTValue98 mmValue3-27/32"
AttributeAValue24 mmValue15/16"
AttributeBValue22 mmValue7/8"
AttributeCValue16 mmValue5/8"
AttributeDValue22 mmValue7/8"
AttributeEValue24 mmValue15/16"
AttributeFValue25 mmValue63/64"
AttributeGValue73 mmValue2-7/8"
AttributeHValue11 mmValue7/16"

Article number: 8502142

VIP-COBRA-Eye sling hook VCÖH 8
AttributeweightValue0.80 kgValue1.76 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue2500 kgValue5500 lbs
AttributeTValue126 mmValue5"
AttributeAValue32 mmValue1-1/4"
AttributeBValue28 mmValue1-1/8"
AttributeCValue20 mmValue3/4"
AttributeDValue28 mmValue1-1/8"
AttributeEValue31 mmValue1-7/32"
AttributeFValue30 mmValue1-3/16"
AttributeGValue95 mmValue3-3/4"
AttributeHValue13 mmValue1/2"

Article number: 8502145

VIP-COBRA-Eye sling hook VCÖH 10
AttributeweightValue1.58 kgValue3.48 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue4000 kgValue8800 lbs
AttributeTValue150 mmValue5-7/8"
AttributeAValue38 mmValue1-1/2"
AttributeBValue36 mmValue1-27/64"
AttributeCValue26 mmValue1"
AttributeDValue36 mmValue1-27/64"
AttributeEValue39 mmValue1-9/16"
AttributeFValue35 mmValue1-3/8"
AttributeGValue118 mmValue4-5/8"
AttributeHValue17 mmValue43/64"

Article number: 8502204

VIP-COBRA-Eye sling hook VCÖH 13
AttributeweightValue3.10 kgValue6.83 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue6700 kgValue15000 lbs
AttributeTValue170 mmValue6-11/16"
AttributeAValue48 mmValue1-7/8"
AttributeBValue45 mmValue1-25/32"
AttributeCValue30 mmValue1-3/16"
AttributeDValue37 mmValue1-7/16"
AttributeEValue48 mmValue1-7/8"
AttributeFValue40 mmValue1-9/16"
AttributeGValue135 mmValue5-5/16"
AttributeHValue21 mmValue13/16"

Article number: 8502146

VIP-COBRA-Eye sling hook VCÖH 16
AttributeweightValue4.95 kgValue10.91 lbs
AttributeNominal WLLValue10000 kgValue22000 lbs
AttributeTValue208 mmValue8-3/16"
AttributeAValue63 mmValue2-15/32"
AttributeBValue56 mmValue2-3/16"
AttributeCValue36 mmValue1-27/64"
AttributeDValue49 mmValue1-15/16"
AttributeEValue58 mmValue2-9/32"
AttributeFValue50 mmValue1-31/32"
AttributeGValue161 mmValue6-11/32"
AttributeHValue27 mmValue1-1/16"