Large potential savings and legal certainty in checking and documentation processes

The legally required checking of operating equipment, such as sling and lashing systems, and the legally required documentation of these checks are increasingly becoming a cost driver. Regulations such as those laid down in §2 of the German Health and Safety at Work Act (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) require companies to carry out costly procedures which also tie up resources.

The RUD-ID-SYSTEM® makes this process efficient, lean, safe and simple. With RFID technology, all of RUD's series components can be quickly, correctly and contactlessly identified, registered and, if required, managed in a cloud-based system, all with a single click.

RFID Transponder


RFID Applikation

The expandable AYE-D.Net application ensures clearly structured and efficient management and documen...

RFID Details

Readout of detailed informations about your RUD product with the help of the RUD-ID-System